The project will be conducted by a team of professional filmmakers, producers, graphic designers, music composer, narrators & storytellers, photographers and surfers, including director Aljaz Babnik and producer Marie Pfisterer, whose previous surf film projects “From Lost to the Desert” and “I Am Home” received numerous awards and nominations in film festivals around the world, including: 

Berlin Surf Film Festival: Best International Short Film
San Diego Surf Film Festival: Best Emerging Filmmaker
UAE Ocean Film Festival Dubai: Judge’s Choice Award
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Aljaz Babnik
Director & Cinematographer

What drives him is the interaction between human and nature, he thinks that we live in a disconnected society and with his work he is trying to reconnect people with nature.

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Marie Pfisterer

Bringing people together, creating stories with a message and making a positive impact by adopting an environmental-conscious-life is what keeps her going with a positive attitude.

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Andy Nieblas

Andy Nieblas - Orange County based log maestro and Ducttape Winner - is known for his supremely creative and spontaneous approach to surfing.

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Ria Mondo
Ria Mondo

Ria Mondo is a longboarder from Portugal, always trying to making the world a better place. The ocean gives her the freedom and creativity to express herself.

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Nicolas Pina

Nicolas Pina portrays timeless moments and vivid emotions in elements of the composition; a loyal and savage representation of human in nature.

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Dino Mehle

Constantly bothered by conformism and dullness, he tries to channel his cynicism into words. Ocean is his catalyst for creation.

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Janet Peters
Voiceover Artist

Janet Peters is a voiceover artist, who has won many awards, such the SOVAS 2019 for Best Outstanding Commercial - TV or Web Best Voiceover. 

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Blaž Babnik
Film score composer

Blaž Babnik is a film score composer and music producer, who can pull from a wide spectrum of material, making music for movies or making electronic music that doesn’t have boundaries.